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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this logbook software really FREE ?

Yes, the Standard Edition of CrewLounge PILOTLOG is totally free. You can log an unlimited number of records and your entries do not expire.

Do I get support from the Helpdesk as a free user ?

We take pride in delivering an excellent service to all pilots using CrewLounge PILOTLOG logbook software, whether you are a STD (free), PRO or ENT / ENT+ user. Whenever you need support, contact the Helpdesk for assistance ! Our Helpdesk is available 24 / 7. All questions are handled in the order they are received.

I want to run CrewLounge BLUE on 2 computers, do I need to purchase 2 licenses ?

The license key is issued and linked to your personal name. You cannot share your license key with other pilots, including your partner, should both of you be a pilot. However, a single license key can be used on multiple devices. You do NOT need to pay twice.

While this is also valid for the PRO Edition, you must keep in mind that the databases do not synchronize. Changes on one computer will not show on the other computer !
You need an ENT license to automatically synchronize multiple devices.

My partner and I are both pilots. Can we run CrewLounge PILOTLOG on the same computer ?

Yes, you can run a double installation of CrewLounge BLUE on a single desktop / laptop. Guidelines for double installation are listed on the mccSUPPORT page.

Each pilot must use its own PRO or ENT license key ! Using a common key for both pilots will corrupt the database ! While you can install 2 accounts on the same computer, this is not possible for the mobile app on the phone and tablet !

I want a refund ?!

Sorry, software is a virtual product that cannot be refunded, similar to online music and movies. As mentioned on the Order page, we strongly recommend to first install and test the free software on the desktop and the mobile, prior to purchasing any of the paid products.

You are also entitled to Helpdesk support with the free version. So, you get a perfect idea of what CrewLounge BLUE stands for, before you buy this software. As such, we believe there cannot be any reason for a refund after purchase.

I encounter issues with the software installation

A number of solutions are listed on the mccSUPPORT page. Should you not find the answer there, contact the Helpdesk.

Does this software run any background process that slows down my computer ?

Negative, CrewLounge BLUE does NOT run any resident background process for synchronization or software updates.
The software searches for new updates a few seconds after you launch the application. When a new update is found, a message is displayed in the right upper corner of the Home page.

New updates are downloaded with a single mouse-click and install itself on the next start of the application. You do not need to reboot the computer.

mccCloud synchronization does not run in the background either. The desktop application only connects to mccCloud when the app is running.

Is CrewLounge BLUE accepted by the Authorities ?

Each country individually defines the format how pilots must log and report their flying experience.
Some authorities allow pilots to record their flying experience only in the state’s official publication. Most authorities also accept other paper formats, such as logbooks made by Jeppesen and ASA. Only a handful of aviation administrations allow pilots to prove their flying experience with a loose-leaf printed bundle or an electronic PDF report. CrewLounge BLUE comes with a wide range of official state formats and other more popular publications. If your country is not listed, contact the Helpdesk to have it added.

CrewLounge BLUE does not intend to – and should not be used to – reproduce logbooks from Jeppesen, ASA or other publishers. You must always buy the original paper logbook and use CrewLounge PILOTLOG to print self-adhesive labels that fit in these logbooks ! View demo

If your administration accepts loose-leaf printed logbooks, you can print your logbook straight from CrewLounge BLUE. If your authority accepts an electronic version, you can generate a PDF signed-off with your own handwritten signature and all endorsement signatures that you have captured with your mobile phone !